Jalan-jalan, The moments

one fine cold day in Den Haag


It was our one day trip back in January 2017. It was cold and sunny and a bit windy, with a little showers. We enjoyed the trips soooo much. And instantly fall in love with Den Haag. Even Inayah keep saying, can we move to Den Haag? please please please?


Our one day trip was start from  Den Haag Central Station to Binnenhof. Taking a tram, we can always check the tram and bus schedule in here, free wifi is, well I can say almost everywhere. Then we were walking around, enjoying the buildings and views. And we stopped for having short lunch while sitting enjoying the lake scenery.

Then we took tram to Scheveningen, which was actually our main destination. We wanted to ride the Skyview de Pier in Scheveningen. We bought the ticket online here. We used family ticket, it costs 26 euro, for two adults and two children. It is cheaper rather than we buy separated ticket for adult and child.

The skyview ride was amazing! It was clean, comfortable, modern and it looks have pretty good safety haha. There were air conditioner, table for having our food, and emergency button, in case of anything happen! This is very important button ^_*.

We really enjoyed the ride, well a little bit scared of course! haha. The scenery from above is the North Sea and surrounding of Den Haag. Ina and Farza, they were amazed but also to scared to move haha. And inside the box, Ina said something about that we can fall if we move too much and also because of the wind is very strong, and I shut her down! Please please don’t say anything about falling! Haha me too being scared at that time. But overall we love it!

Afterward, we enjoyed ice cream inside de Pier. The place is full of many cafes, small restaurants and some spaces outside with chairs and tables so that we can enjoy the beach view while eating our food. In that cold day, the kids choose ice cream instead of warm chocolate.. hmmppphhh.. well oke.. warm chocolate for ibu and bapak then 🙂

And we also bought patat, as always. Patat is a french fries. It is the Dutchies fast food that we can easily buy anywhere.

Full and happy, alhamdulillah!

Then the kids wanted to running around the beach and touched the water. Ibuuu, why the water is soooo cold? Can I taste it? It is said that sea water is salty, I just wanted to try is it really salty? or is it sweet?


Of course I didn’t let them taste the water. The one nearby the beach is not so clean. It is dirty, sandy, and the waves bring a lot of sort of like soapy foam watery.

And as the sun goes down, it is time for us to go back to Enschede.  Bye Den Haag, tot de volgende keer!

Unspoken Words

unspoken words #2



lantunan harapan selalu terucap dalam setiap sujud kami


menaruh harap pada setiap langkah kaki


selalu dan selalu merunduk demi melihat yang telah lalu


selalu dan selalu menatap ke pada biru di atas sana


selalu dan selalu berharap semoga Langit mendengar